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Behind the Music


From one coast to the other and beyond these charted lands, Urban Ghost flits beyond these known realms into mirages at the corner of your eye, a silhouette in a mirror of long gone figures. Corporeally centered in Seattle but phasing through many dimensions, the Urban Ghost resides between the lands of sleep and wakefulness, spinning ancient tales and singing songs long lost to the soil.

Weaving together world music, psychedelic rock, and jazz, Urban Ghost taps into the rhythmic roots of the world to tell tales of this human malady and stories of the beyond.  It's music is a portal to an undiscovered country.  The listener may find many delights there and, if they so allow it, it may carry them towards brighter places that were once only dreamt.  

Vocals/Sax/Songwriting-Sam Morrison
Guitar-Owen Thayer 
Keys-Rob Homan
Bass-many spirits
Drums-Max Holmberg

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